This is a link to a Dutch review of the book. Sandra Kunz from the pet platform "Vrouw en Dier" wrote it. 

It is very likely that most of you don't understand Dutch, so below you will find the translation. 


“If you clicked on this article, chances are you or your loved ones are in mouning for a pet. So first of all, I would like to say: My condolences. You can experience the loss of a pet just as badly as the loss of a human. Manon GiGi now knows all about it. That is why, after the death of Shredder, she developed the beautiful remembrance book “Forever Near”. A remembrance book as a lasting memory, which you can fill in yourself as a tribute to your beloved pet.


This is actually very normal. Various scientific studies have shown that many people look at their pets as a member of their family or as a close friend. The emotional bond between a human a and pet is very strong. So it is not surprising that losing your four-legged friend or winged friend can feel like a big blow, even with grieve as a result.

People close to you might not always understand your pain. But mourning a pet is absolutely normal. According to a study of a psycologist in The Netherlands (Nienke Endenburg), the average time for grieving for a pet is 8,5 months in The Netherlands.

So,… time to break the taboo and don’t be ashamed if your sad and grieving for your beloved animal friend.


The initiator behind “Forever Near” is Manon GiGi. In December 2017 she lost her parrot Shredder. She was heartbroken. Not everybody understood that. Which made dealing with her loss even harder.

Because she was afraid that Shredder’s memories would fade and eventually be lost, she came up with the remembrance book. Initially only for herself to find comfort in, but later, after also helping a number of people around her with the book, she decided to develop the book further into the book it is today and to market it. With this remembrance book Manon hopes that others will also be helped dealing with the loss of their beloved animal.


When I received the beautiful book by Manon GiGi, my first impression was: “Wow!”. I was deeply moved. Probably because it immediately brought me back to the experiences where I lost a pet myself. But also because I immediately realized what an incredibly beautiful way this is to rembember your pet and let it help in the grieving process about the one who was so dear to you. Creative mourning for your pet, I had never encountered that before. In addition, the book is beautifully designed, with a beautiful cover, sweet poems and thick pages.


For a number of years now, the “coffee table book” is something we see more and more. A book as part of the interior that shows what you find important or special and what can ensure good conversation with visitors. After losing a pet, you may be in need of it. After all, talking is part of the healing process.

“Forever Near” is beautifully designed with a glossy cover with a picture of forget-me-nots. It has a luxurious look, so it can perfectly be displayed on a table.


The hardcover book has a size slightly larger than an A4. An adhesive see-through folder is included, allowing you to personalize the front of the book with a photo of your late pet. But of course, if you don’t want to, that’s fine too.

In the book your pet asks you questions about his or her life, which you can answer, so that you capture all of your beautiful memories forever. You relive in a way all of the things about your life together, which can help you process your big loss. In addition to the questions and poems, there is room for photos that can best be attached with photo stickers. On more than 75 pages of thick, luxurious paper, you create a lasting memory of your beloved pet.”